Sunday, May 20, 2012

Designing learning through a "multiple paths" lens

As member of a  new community--
Reaching All Students--
Sponsored by ARPDC--

I've been excited and reinvigorated learning so much with these accomplished educators in Alberta.

Their focus and lens on learning speak to me-- reaching all students, designing for learning through a "multiple paths" approach.

Their brief overview video captures how inclusive learning enables every learner to be the best that they can be.

 The student smiles, their words very clearly suggest to me that this is an approach that enables communities of learners in which everyone learns to their strengths.

A member of the UDL group in the wall garden community, I have had the opportunity to renew and deepen my understanding and appreciation for universal design for learning thanks to the contributions of the accomplished educators in this group. A group member shared this interactive website that illustrates the many and varied multiple pathways to learning: Not only are there options for each principle of multiple pathways but also additional resources for each.

With the availability of these kinds of resources, I'm thinking the support for designing learning experiences that reach all learners can enable incredible possibilities for learning. Just consider the potential-- what if the focus in Alberta, on inclusion, on designing learning through a "multiple pathways" truly became the foundation for learning across our nation? Can you imagine?

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