Saturday, May 21, 2011

A new journey into Connected Coaching

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

What happens when 8 passionate educators distanced geographically (U.S., Canada, and Australia) meet in an Elluminate room or in threaded discussions in Ning to engage in conversations around coaching in online communities?

They grow and develop expertise to transform online professional learning.

Through text, images, encouragement, support, videos, sharing ideas and experiencing a collective joy that comes from participation in a group whose sole goal is to improve learning for teachers and students, we grow. Through an appreciative approach which leads to deep and sometimes difficult collegial conversations this new and unique model evolves as each coach brings their talents and gifts to the table.

A vision, initially only on paper, becomes reality and Powerful Learning Practice Connected Coaches--
Brenda Sherry
Marsha Ratzel
Chad Evans
Mark Carbone
Zoe Branigan-Pipe
John Pearce

join Dean Shareski and I on an incredibly exciting journey into wayfinding as coaches.

Our connected model draws heavily from Cooperrider's appreciative inquiry, Costa and Garmston's cognitive model and Tschannen-Moran's evocative coaching while infusing much of Sheryl's wisdom on learning in online communities.

Currently engaging with members in the El Paso and ConnectU Powerful Learning Practice communities, we really are about changing the world of online professional learning. And with this accomplished group, with whom I am privileged and honored to learn, I see it happening.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Remembering and Missing--

5th graders in Georgia, affectionately called the Blogicians--

Anne Davis, an accomplished elementary Georgia educator--

Modeling, demonstrating; using podcasts for editing/proofing; holding writing conferences; developing a community of learners--

WordPress blogs--

And an unlikely connection with a Sheppard blogger from Ohio--

Together, connecting, collaborating---

Students and a master educator with content knowledge about writing who developed a 21st century pedagogy enhanced by technology, and connections--

Coming together in a sweet spot that enabled authentic, exciting, sticky learning

Essential ingredients in teaching for learning--

Just imagine a 21st century pedagogy and knowledge of technology; without it the Blogicians likely never would have made the same gains in writing and reading—hear it from Eddie in his own words.

Just imagine teachers competent in designing ways that content was comprehensible for groups of diverse students as Anne so masterfully accomplished.

Just imagine complex, unique blends of technology, pedagogy and content that transform learning much as it did with Anne and her students.

Don’t we need to continue to join in, engage in conversations, nudging, pushing, and if need be, more assertively agitating for these kinds of opportunities for all student learning? Don’t we need to pull in, nudge, and encourage those more reticent, to aspire to and strive for this type of accomplished practice? For Eddie, for all the Blogicians who are now in high school, for all our students?

Monday, May 02, 2011

Kudos to the PLP Archdiocese team from St. Patrick School

I've had the opportunity to learn with some very special educators from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as I led their virtual community for Powerful Learning Practice this year.

The team from St. Patrick School has created a video around all their students have been learning; I love it and wanted to share it here too.

To everyone in the PLP Archdiocese community, thanks for allowing me to learn with you.