Monday, February 20, 2006

Safe blogging resources

Again from Darren.

See the resources.

No one should allow fear to keep them and their students from blogging. The benefits of blogging far outweigh the sometimes perceived dangers.

Darren's Paying It Forward

Darren has a great post on Paying It Forward. It is a powerful voice for blogging in the classroom. I can't imagine anything more exciting than the student ownership of learning that is described here.

eTech 2006 Conference!

The conference was good! In particular, I really enjoyed the opportunities to listen to William Dagget, David Pogue, Alan November, and David Thornburg. I always come away inspired and this year was no different. I attended a few teacher sessions which were also good but hearing the ideas from the folks I mentioned is really important to me. I loved David Thornburg's comment on a pedagogy of joy. He is so right that we have lost this.

Anne's participation in the blogging workshop I conducted was really special. It's so much fun when the technology pretty much works well. Skype did everything it was supposed to. Blogger went quirky on us but I think the participants were really there for Blogmeister. Someday I will learn to do a better job planning so there isn't too much. I'll also make sure to interrupt those engaged to do a reflective wrap up. I feel badly we didn't get to that.

So on to thinking about next year!