Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Insights from Deborah Meier

"The task from K-12 is building a thirst for knowledge, pleasure in speaking up, and curiosity, curiosity, curiosity—persistently pursued. We need habits of the mind that carry over to the many hours we are not in school and the years and years that follow.  "Take your hand off my throat so I can breathe" is precisely what the best teachers are crying out for."
 "Can schools hold liberty in high esteem when children rarely see adults who dare exercise their liberty or have a direct voice in deciding important matters about their own profession? Democracy is not just a mechanism for being represented—whether in a union, a corporation, or the government. Democracy's strength lies in all that leads up to that vote and everything that follows it. And learning how "to do" democracy is best learned close and near, in institutions where we can practice it directly."
In  The Task of Building a Thirst for Knowledge , Deborah Meier argued these words quoted above. That post has been open in a tab in my browser for over 2 weeks now -- powerful thoughts expressed articulately. Her voice continues to  passionately advocate for democracy and progressive education.

Just imagine-- classrooms, schools and districts in which all stakeholders immerse in the ongoing practice of democracy -- how that might look and sound, how might learning and teaching differ?