Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For the love of the journey--

A morning’s brief, badly needed rain shower, hearing the parched earth sigh with some relief—

Enchanting melodic songs of the birds, soothing breezes and cooler temperatures displacing the hot, heavy air—

Hours in the veggie and perennial beds, weeding, supporting, nurturing more blooms and an upcoming harvest under a bright blue sky—

A lazy conversation in the shade with a contractor rebuilding the deck, remembering family gifts given and celebrating his talents—

A skype call with a dear friend, planning an exciting new project—

A former student’s email, sharing and thanking for giving—

At the wildlife preserve, walking, pushing harder, and contemplating—

Queen’s Ann Lace, beautiful against the dry grasses, blowing in the light breeze—

An aging German Shepherd, almost purring as the brush groomed his heavy coat—

A special laugh with my soulmate, loving and respecting him more each day—

So thankful for so much given, realizing again the pure love of the journey—
Cherishing each step, each sidetrip, each challenge, each conversation--

Hoping we can help young people to do the same?