Sunday, January 28, 2007

He looked out and he cried!

Hi Blogicians,

Here's the second picture from home!
He asked to go out. I opened the door. He looked out and he cried!

Who did I have to make a path for?
From his eyes, what did he see?
What words would you use to describe the snow?

Check the comment to learn for whom the path was made!


Anonymous said...

Harley was the one who cried! Is he a big baby? or what?

Anonymous said...

Hi, there Lani

Is it really that much snow outside your house! Do your parents let you go outside like this? Do you go to school in this weather?
When you asked “what words I would use to describe the snow are the following: the words I would use to describe the snow are piles of snow, or hills of snow , or something like that! I had never ever seen that much snow in my life! Do you like when it snows this bad? I would, it doesn’t snow that much over here. It is a little windy but it just doesn’t snow. By the way I love those pictures you sent, they are awesome!I am in the blogicians class I just came here a week ago.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Laura,

Yes there really is that much snow here; actually now there is even more!! Since I'm an adult, yes I go outside everyday in this weather when I take Harley for a walk. Usually, the schools are open although there was so much snow one day last week, they had a snow day! I don't mind now when it snows this bad; I work from home now so I don't have to drive in it and we just make some hot chocolate and watch it snow!!

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