Monday, February 22, 2016

Work in Progress

flickr photo by Kevan shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

My life has been and continues to be 
A work in progress

Whether it be 
Cleaning the house
Designing learning environments/experiences
Any other of a myriad of focus

At this very moment, Work in Progress extends primarily to the new PLPNetwork Blended Learning eCourse.

And while I've attempted to design a learner centered asynchronous experience that's fluid and filled with choices and have put that design onto a platform to set a trajectory for learning that is open for editing based on learner paths (sensing this week that "feedback" is not exactly in the right week and now regretting such a linear unfolding and wondering what I can learn/do to alleviate some of that), the synchronous weekly webinars continue to be a huge work in progress.

Each week we have a focus. And our time together in the webinar is about digger deeper into that focus. And I want that digging to not be about what I've brought to this experience but rather what is best for the good of our collective learning.  Given that, each week I suggest a path and ask if there are suggestions or burning questions or pieces we should ignore and to date everyone agrees to just move forward--

I've given thought to an edcamp type of webinar-- and I carefully watch each week for interests and passions we might bring into our time together.  And very honestly about this time each week, I wonder if I should panic because I'm unsure of the scaffolding/processes. 

And that's occurring especially this week as I've uncovered new possible processes that might really be instrumental in deepening and clarifying thinking.  Liberating Structures--  I've been a Nancy White follower for many years now and she has been sharing on her blog.  And I've been torn for the last number of days between adapting The User Experience Fishbowl as we explore formative assessment more deeply or go with a protocol I've used before What comes up for you?  I think there may be value in each. And given that I really want to encourage and model the importance of voice and choice, what may happen is that I'll ask the group to weigh options and decide what they'd like to do.

So I am reminding myself--
learner centered
inquiry based
is always
and will continue to be

And that's ok--  right?


Linda Nitsche said...

Oh, that is so OK! I am so in awe of your reflections, your commitment to the course, your desire to create the very best learning experience for all of us. There are so many choices, so many paths that learners and learning can take. By laying out so many resources, so many options, each of us can make our own connections and follow our own learning path. Probably one of the greatest challenges for a do you teach a curriculum, yet also remain true to guiding and facilitating the learning of the individual.
So, so love your commitment to both Lani!

Lani Ritter Hall said...


Well, it is a "big" challenge for me! And one that takes me to places I hadn't previously imagined. There is for me a continual sense of tension-- and perhaps therein lies constant effort to do better and the eventual joy upon receiving a comment like yours that indicates I'm on the right path. Thank you.