Sunday, August 04, 2013

Powerful reflections--

In week 8 of the Connected Coaching eCourse, I invite co learners to reflect:

This quote on reflective teaching easily transfers to reflective coaching. Think coach or coaching for teach and the word coachee for students.
Reflective Teaching is a habit of mind that requires consciously thinking about how teaching practices impact students’ learning. According to Kennedy (1989) reflective teaching promotes a thoughtful, contextualized view of teaching from which teachers learn how to make choices about educational goals and practices. Just as we hope our students will show growth over time, as teachers we can show growth in our practice if we take the time to reflect.
Professional growth can occur if we first look back on our practice to draw conclusions about events, then change our behaviors as a result of research, knowledge and reflection. Teachers can become empowered decision makers, engaging in systematic reflection of their work by thinking, writing, and talking about their teaching; observing the acts of their own and others teaching and by gauging the impact of their teaching on their students’ learning (Farrell, 2004).
And I suggest that they be transparent in their reflection.

The reflections of this group of co learners are thoughtful; they are powerful. These folks are on a journey deep into understanding coaching in online spaces and into being one of those coaches. They open a window onto learning and Connected Coaching.

Linda: "As coaches, we speak with a positive intent, believing in the competency, dedication, and capability of those we coach"  Coaching: Ten Essential Ideas | Nitsche Notes

Fiona: "“however when I decided to provide reflections on my colleagues reflections I realised that I was learning more deeply.” Reflecting on Connected Coaching | eLearning Reflections

Matt: "One of the most important concepts I have taken away from this experience is appreciative inquiry. I am constantly revisiting it. My goal is to reflect on my capacity to focus on the positive when working with other learners in online spaces. Reflections from My Connected Coaching eCourse #plpnetwork | Reading by Example

Lauren: "It really is a rare privilege to engage in this type of listening and conversation" Connected Coaches Course #plpnetwork | Innovation ANESU

Cathy: "It seems so obvious to me now that the power and beauty of the connected coaching model lies in “coming alongside” and supporting my colleagues as they explore and lead themselves on a journey which meets their own wants and needs."
Reflections on Learning to be a Connected Coach | Journeys off the Beaten Path

What a privilege to learn with Linda, Fiona, Matt, Lauren and Cathy!

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