Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Improving education in Ohio?

From THE Journal today:
"Effective teachers know and communicate subject matter and design curriculum, instruction, and multiple assessments. They know about diverse student populations, use data and technology effectively for all, communicate effectively with parents and other staff, conduct action research to improve their practice, and implement existing research containing significant findings. They are ethical and learner-centered in their approach setting high expectations and contributing to the academic, social, and emotional growth of their learners."
And then this from Cleveland:
"The teacher-recruitment group recently singled out by the governor and state legislature as a way to improve education in Ohio has started planning to put recruits in the state - possibly in the Cleveland schools - by the fall of 2012. ... Until this spring, Ohio law blocked Teach for America recruits from Ohio schools because they do not follow normal teacher training and certification programs. Gov. John Kasich and the state legislature waived the certification requirement specifically for Teach for America in April."

"TFA participants get "five weeks of intensive training .. before taking over a classroom". --source
So in Ohio we are improving education by placing teachers with 5 weeks of training and a 2 year commitment into classrooms; although I've no doubt TFA folks are temporarily passionate (read 2 year commitment) about serving the children and they are bright, it escapes me how they, with that training can be termed effective teachers. My guess is they'll become employed primarily by charters and our large urban districts. Our children there, born into circumstances beyond their control, deserve far better. I'm wondering, if your child was a student in a classroom whose teacher had 5 weeks training, how comfortable would you be?

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