Sunday, September 03, 2006

Words of hope that touch my soul--

I've read some posts on teaching recently that really got me excited! I wanted to jump up and down and issue a resounding 'Yes!' They give me hope and more than just a great big 'yes' they really touch my soul!

David Jakes, On being good, was one of them, especially when he ended:
"Frankly, I'm tired of technology as a second class educational citizen. It's not OK not to use it.

Simply put, a good teacher must know when and how to use technology to help kids learn, and must demonstrate it conscientiously, creatively and continually.

It's one of the most important steps in becoming a great teacher--."

That conclusion followed some really thought provoking questions! What a read!

And then this morning David Warlick really touched my heart when he concluded:
"It is not a time for teacher-technicians, trained lab clerks who observe a deficiency, and prescribe a scientifically researched strategy. It's a time for teacher-philosophers, who love their world, love what they teach, love their students, and who love what their students will be."

Now that, to my mind, is really what it's all about! I love the passion in those words, I treasure their meaning! I will go beyond hope to work in my small way toward the time described!

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