Friday, March 02, 2012

Reaching out a bit further--

Early this week, a terrible tragedy befell our small rural community. The entire town mourns with the 3 families who lost their sons.

Everyone, grieving and yearning to heal, supports each other. Red ribbons adorn trees and poles. More than a thousand people quietly stood outside St. Mary's for a prayer vigil because the church was full on Monday. Students organized a gathering at the village square and a walk together from there back to the school on Thursday. Residents lined the streets applauding and supporting them along the way. The Superintendent hugged every student returning to the high school. There are tears, hugs, arms entwined, everyone asking each other if they are ok--

A local author, in her "Shot through the heart" post shared her personal story and a plea that calls out to each of us --- as caring humans, as educators. You'll find it here:

"I refuse to finish this essay with empty platitudes about how we should all pray for the families and students of Chardon, Ohio. Of course we should. But we must do more. We live in a country littered with broken homes and lost children. You can reach out to a child. Now. Today. You can make a difference."

I know that you make a difference every day in the lives of children. But I hope you'll remember Danny, Demetrius and Russell and reach out just a bit farther.

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Anne Davis said...

My heart goes out to you and your entire community.

We all "need to reach out just a bit further".......

Thinking of you and all the families in Chardon.....