Monday, June 20, 2011

it is not simple--

“The main feature that characterizes complex systems is the dynamic interaction of various elements of the system over time such that the results of these interactions are not entirely predictable or proportional. A complex system, due to its dynamic and sometimes chaotic and random self-interaction, cannot be reduced to simple parts which relate to each other in very predictable ways.” Chaos Complexity and Language
These words from 3 years past--
The body of my soulmate -- fighting poison of cytoxan as it attempts to restore some balance to his system, to strengthen and repair some neural pathways so we can walk again together in the park, to halt or hinder the progression of MS -- his strong will and mind that rise and greet each day ready to deal with all challenges, to adapt to new refusals by his leg or foot to listen to his brain and move, to go beyond himself and always think of us. A complex system—
And now today as the cytoxan infusions continue--

The steps-- more measured, more hesitant, far slower, yet more determined

The balance-- more obtuse, unstable, unsteady

The walks-- shorter, taking longer, sending me on ahead and pushing himself to the limit

Our lives, our love, our bond-- far deeper, tighter, far more full of meaning despite the chaos of his immune system--

A complex system -- with some components far more than broken than others--

With a continued appreciation for the intricate, dynamic relationships and nuances in complex systems, there's so much I don't know but this I do --
it is not simple
determination and resolve mean everything
collaboration is priceless
appreciation, positivity yield far more than their opposites
celebration of small things is essential

I'm thinking that other complex systems are no different-- education for example. Our system is broken in so many ways. And often, to many, the the challenges are insurmountable. Yet I do know
it is not simple
determination and resolve mean everything
collaboration is priceless
positive, appreciate approaches yield far more than their opposites

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takefive said...

And maybe love is the most powerful collaboration tool there is.