Sunday, June 20, 2010

21 days-

ECMP455-- Spring ECMP 455 Class at the University of Regina

13 weeks reduced to 3--

21 days to develop an understanding of these concepts (Learning is social and connected, Learning is personal and self-directed, Learning is shared and transparent, Learning is rich in content and diversity)--

Dean Shareski shared his plan--

His students, joining him, explored vast new landscapes in an exciting, roller coaster, journey into deep learning—

And because their learning was social, connected, shared, transparent, personal and self-directed, they have compiled powerful personal PD plans with wonderful resources, they have experienced some serious “aha” moments, and they have revealed some personal stories that will affect not only the look and feel of their future classrooms but their “learning” lives forever—

Just 3 of many for example—

Learn to Unlearn
So this was unexpected
Cyber bullying

Their blogs are linked here

To the accomplished and caring educators they are becoming, to the power of a learning environment that is social, connected, shared, transparent, personal and self-directed, and to Dean for its creation— a standing ovation--

That we all can learn in and design this type of environment for all our students-- what possibilities might arise and abound—in 21 days--

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Dean Shareski said...

Thanks for the post Lani,

It's a challenge no doubt and I question constantly how to take advantage of each day and learning opportunity. At the end of this course it really comes down to their ability to sustain learning after this course is done. I hope I've accomplished that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean,

I think you've planted and germinated the seeds that will sustain learning.

My first opportunity with transparent, connected, shared and self-directed learning left an imprint on my soul that changed my life forever-- My sense is that some of your students have had a similar experience--

scmorgan said...

A great tribute to Dean, and powerfully said, Lani. Thanks for sharing the links to his students' blogs, too.