Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caught my attention--

Stephen Downes' post caught my attention--

His analogy of 21st century skills as an operating system for the mind resonates with me, really paints a picture--

Not wanting to lose it--

"21st century skills are, in short, an operating system for the mind.

They constitute the processes and capacities that make it possible for people to navigate a fact-filled landscape, a way to see, understand and acquire those facts in such a way as to be relevant and useful, and in the end, to be self-contained and autonomous agents capable of making their own decisions and directing their own lives, rather than people who need to learn ever larger piles of 'facts' in order to do even the most basic tasks."

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Mike Bogle said...

Most definitely. I had a skim of the article a few days ago and really enjoyed it. I especially like how easily understood it was.

His logic definitely rings true I think, though it would seem that many people still have problems with the idea of "what you know isn't as important as the capacity to know more."

The notion of 21st century skills, digital literacies - or whatever we choose to call them - definitely needs attention and space for discussion.

Hope all is well!