Saturday, February 14, 2009

Virtually Co Presenting

Connecting, learning, planning, collaborating and co presenting—yet never meeting-
Northeastern Ohio -- Southwestern Ohio
At home and working-- Busy at HCESC --(scroll down to Lynn Ochs)
Humbled and honored by Lynn’s invitation to co present at the eTech Ohio Conference on February 4.

Planning and collaborating on skype, google docs—

Co developing content and a wiki for a session for administrators “Web 2.0 and You: A Leadership Perspective" with thanks to Karl Fisch for the concept to frame the session (he generously gave permission)--

Skyping into the session to help administrators develop an understanding of how they might begin to develop a personal learning network—

Waiting to find the session on iTunesU before posting- not there yet, not patient—

Sharing the wiki and slides--

So thankful, Lynn, for the opportunity to learn, grow and work with you—


Lynn Ochs said...

It was my pleasure to collaborate with you Lani. What an amazing thing - to be able to connect over space and time - to collaborate, share our learning spaces, and feel the true synergy of co-development. Thank you for your encouragement to be bold and take risks. We did it!

Ms. said...

I am hoping to do some interesting blogging with classes this fall.


Carole at JABCC