Monday, October 27, 2008

Power and auto subscribe CCK08

Working quietly, trying to tactfully and artfully ask questions in two other projects-- That's tough work for me, requiring focus and concentration--

Suddenly a slew of emails! What's happening?? My CCK08 folder I created in desperation during the "introductions" forum filling quickly.

It's Stephen Downes and numerous replies to his use of "power". Two reactions-- laughter and frustration-- so I'll play the game but not there-- I'm old and I can be obstinate-- thus this post and no response in an arena where I am at times uncomfortable by the tone, the nuances. And as a "novice", didn't want to irritate anyone.

I guess I've not been understanding connectivism at all; perhaps this is a way to emphasize that I've totally missed the trailmarkers in my wayfinding??

My personal learning design has worked for me given my situation and my circumstances at this time. I've made meaningful connections and extended my understandings. I'm looking forward to the readings and blog posts this week on power and authority.

And that CCK08 folder; let it fill and sometime later I'll exercise what power I do have and delete it.

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Mike Bogle said...

Hi Lani,

I'm with you. My first reaction was neither humour or anger, but rather stubbornness. I read a few posts that came through the forum but after that created an email filter that bypassed my inbox completely and haven't looked at it since.

Authority and power are illusions in my mind, there's always a way around them. Importantly too, they do not equate to respect or the attention of those they would seek to control.