Sunday, January 28, 2007

A new meaning to the word shovel!

Hi there Blogicians!

This is the last of snow pictures from Chardon! This big shovel is two lanes wide and its scoop is 3 feet high!

Can you see the roof of McDonalds in the back; it’s across the street?
Where in Chardon do you think I see this?
How high do you think the piles of snow are?
What words could you use to describe this picture, the snow mover or the snow?

Check in the comment after you've made your decision!


Lani said...

Hi there!

This is the big parking lot of a small shopping center in Chardon!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lani,

You commented to my blog and I'm telling you that it doesn't get cold often. Only in the winter it gets really cold because I live in Conyers ,GA. We havn't had snow in 3 years but I'm okay with it.


P.S:Next time I blog I,m going to show you Conyers,GA.