Sunday, July 03, 2005

Thoughts on the 4th

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A recent post by a good friend while on his trip to Alaska included these comments: "As we drive through these rural communities I wonder if folks from Red and Blue states can reach some form of compromise today. Our politicians are shouting at each other across such a wide chasm. Instead of leading, politicians are more concerned about retaining or gaining office by speaking to their own fellowship. I can see that the life experiences encountered in Red States are so different from those of the world of Urban America, that they do not understand problems each uniquely faces. The issues plaguing Red States and plaguing Blue States are so different, that if who ever holds power forces their agenda upon the other, we all lose as the forces of globalization pass us by!"

This July 4th, as we reflect upon and celebrate the freedoms of this great nation, may we also be mindful that the greatness of this nation has been derived from the diversity and the commonalities among its peoples. Differences are many but rational, wise people can work together to help our country move forward in this everchanging world.

As educators, how can we use utilize the potential of cutting edge technology to support meaningful conversations that highlight the commonalities of all our peoples, celebrate the diversity of our nation, and encourage rational compromise and consensus building?

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